A Gathering of Chelas

2022 Spring Conference


Greetings Beloved  Victorious Three-Fold Flame,

As we continue our  journey back to the Cosmic I AM Presence of All Life,

We continue to be delighted and excited at the Earth's transformation,

regardless of Chaos and all inharmonious conditions, which we are witnessing upon our planet; new ideas, new inventions, new situations, new conditions

are being born.  And this is due to the expansion of Light through

The Victorious Three-Fold Flame!


A Gathering of Chelas invites you to continue to listen

and be enlightened by the Members of the Heavenly Hierarchy!

This conference includes dictations by:

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Goddess of Liberty, Alexa

Angel of Unity, Micah

Mother of Jesus, Mary

Lord Krishna

We also have four of the dictations in other languages

for your enjoyment:

Ascended Master Saint Germain (French)

Angel of Unity, Micah (Chinese)

Mother of Jesus, Mary (German)

Lord Krishna (Spanish)

The entire conference will be broadcast live in English.

Beloved, the Spring Conference will replace

our regular Saturday morning class on April 23. 

The Conference will start at 10AM CT / 11AM ET.

We will still have our regular class on Sunday April 24.

A Love Offering of $33.00 is suggested