A Gathering of Chelas

2022 Coronation Celebration

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Greetings, Beloved  Chelas and Students of the

Ascended Master Saint Germain,

On May 1, 1954 our Ascended Master Saint Germain

together with his twin ray Lady Portia

became the Director of the Two-Thousand-Year Cycle.

We hope you will spend one hour of your precious time/energy

to give honor and love to our elder brother and sister who have work on behalf

of Humankind for thousands of years.......

And by doing this, you help to establish special dates of

celebration and commemoration for the NEW AGE OF FREEDOM.

 Beloved, this is a private broadcast of

the Coronation Ceremony.

It will start at 11AM CT / 12PM ET,  May 1

It will be up for 12 hours.

We thank you and are grateful  for your Presence as always,

Beloved I AM!


Click Here to hear the Broadcast

and type in the password

The Password :    Coronation