A Gathering of Chelas

Advent 2021 


For everything there is a season—a time for transition and a time to be born.

Communities all around the world look to this moment as the Miracle of Light.

This is a time of rebirth and a source of hope.

We celebrate the promise of new life and recommit ourselves to the protection

 of everyone’s right to express their own radiant selves.

Advent is a season of excitement in the waiting and preparation

for the celebration of the nativity of The Christ.

Adventus in Latin means "coming".

Recognized over the course of the four weeks before Christmas,

Advent is traditionally celebrated with an Advent Wreath:

a ring of evergreen with three purple candles and one pink candle that represent:

Hope (purple), Love (purple), Joy (pink), Peace (purple),

that are lit each week of Advent,

and a candle (white) in the center representing The Christ

that is lit on Christmas Eve and Day.

Celebrating these winter holidays,

this becomes an excellent moment and opportunity

for chelas and students of the Light all around the world

to express their commitment to the principle:

I AM The Unity of ALL LIFE filled with Hope, Love, Peace and Joy

As The Christ In Me Is Reborn!



Beloved Students and Chelas of the Light,

Please Join us for this Private  Broadcast  for the expanding of the

Christ Consciousness

as it enters into the hearts of all Humanity.

The Password for this Broadcast is :  Advent2021