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For Victory

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A Gathering of Chelas

"A Gathering of Chelas" was first conceived with one  purpose,

to create opportunity for Chelas and the students of Light to unite

as the "ONE HEART OF GOD" -

regardless of present affiliation or previous commitment to

any group or organization to (Come-in-Unity-Community)

and contribute Light and Energy in selfless service

thus co-creating with the heavenly realm

to benefit our planet and all life on it.

"A Gathering of Chelas" is intended to be created by the Chelas,

for the Chelas, maintained and sustained by the Chelas.

Your continued support and love offering is essential!

According to Cosmic Law as Chelas it is necessary

to both receive and return this

Spiritual Energy, Radiation and Instruction, an exchange of Energy - which we receive in group service, classes, lectures and Transmission of the Flame Ceremony.  This is accomplished by your active participation and giving of your Love, Light and Radiation in impersonal service in these activities to expand God's Light throughout all of earth, as well as through Love Offerings which are also essential to the continuation of these services.

We are eternally grateful for the opportunity which the Ascended Masters and all of the chelas has given us.

On Going Activities

Join us for Free weekly class and service
Saturday 11:15am -  1:00pm  (ET)
Sunday    9:45am -  11:30am (ET) 

Monthly Online Magazine The Clarion Call

Listen with your heart to our

24/7 Radio Broadcast of

Ascended Master Classes

Register here

You are invited to join us in the monthly Transmission of the Flame Ceremony

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