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A Gathering of Chelas

This is a private broadcast for those who register for Ascended Master classes/services.  We use materials from various sources. Some of the materials are copyrighted.  Therefore we cannot share the materials.  You need to register once a month to receive the monthly password.

If for any reason you would like to join the class but cannot find the 

password, please re-register and the password will be re-sent to you.

Beloved, you must go through our website and click on "Chela Access"

to hear the private broadcast for the class.

Due to the number of classes and projects which we are undertaking at this time,

we do not have the people power to answer questions relating to our broadcasts.

Beloved ones, we do not have a paid staff.  Everything we present through here

is the volunteer work of a very few chelas.

Therefore any correspondence concerning the broadcast 

Will Not Receive A Reply.

We always welcome your comments, and if you would like to volunteer your time or have ideas that can assist in the expansion of the Light, please feel free to email us.


Thanks and blessings for your understanding,

most of all for your participation!

Monthly Classes Registration 

Thanks for submitting!

Password will be sent to you shortly!

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