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A Gathering of Chelas

Greetings Chelas and Students of the Light,


The Clarion Call is a monthly online magazine, which will appear from May of each year through April of the following year on this website. 


Each month of The Clarion Call will include:​​

  • A list of the month's Retreat(s), Hierarchs, Keynotes, and Flames

  • The Month's Breathing Statement and Pattern

  • Retreat Description(s) (also used in the Transmission Flame Service)

  • Dictations (newly available) for each week of the month (also delivered in the weekend broadcasts) 

  • Monthly Decrees

  • Monthly  Calendar


 You will receive a 12-month access to The Clarion Call through registration with a suggested donation of  $33.00 (used to produce it and maintain the website; you may enter any amount $1 or greater) on or about May 1 of each year. Once you register with your donation, a password will be emailed to you. This password is good for the whole year; it is used each month to access the Clarion Call, so please register only one time for each year;  write down or save the password, and use it each month. If you have already registered and donated, and can’t locate the password, please do not re-register, but instead submit a request for the password on the “Recall Password” link. Your submission for recall password will be answered within 48 hours. Monthly issues are not archived – you must download The Clarion Call each month if you wish to keep a copy. The Clarion Call will be updated on or about the first of each month, so please download a copy before the start of the next month. Welcome to The Clarion Call and thanks for your participation and Service to the Light.

Registration - Clarion Call 

Thanks for submitting!

Password will be sent to you within 24 hours.

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