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A Gathering of Chelas

Greetings Chelas and Students of the Light,


The Clarion Call is a monthly online magazine, which will appear from May of each year through April of the following year on this website. 


The Clarion Call will include:

  • Dictations (not previously available) used in Ascended Masters’ classes on the weekend broadcasts; and

  • The Transmission of the Flame readings and dictations previously available through the “Readings” link  on the Transmission of the Flame Website.


Monthly issues will not be archived – you must download The Clarion Call each month if you wish to keep a copy. The Clarion Call will be updated on or about the first of each month, so please download a copy before then.


You can receive access to The Clarion Call through registration and a Love Offering of $33.00 per year, which will be used to maintain the upkeep of 

The Clarion Call on the website.  Any Love Offering received will cover the current year

(that is, it is $33.00 whenever you register).  

Once you register and give your Love Offering, a password will be emailed to you. This password is good for the whole year, so please register only one time for each year,  write down or save the password and use it each time. If you have already registered and submitted your Love Offering, and can’t recall the password, please do not re-register, but instead submit a request for the password on the “Recall Password” link. Your submission for recall password will be answered

within 48 hours.


Welcome to The Clarion Call and thanks for your participation and service to the Light.


Thanks for submitting!

Password will be sent to you within 24 hours.

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