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A Gathering of Chelas

Golden Age of Freedom, Year 70


This is a PRIVATE BROADCAST for those who have chosen to dedicate themselves  for the Freedom of Humanity through

Ascended Master Teachings, classes, and services.

We at A Gathering of Chelas are truly grateful to be a part of the

Cosmic Christ Consciousness, Avatar, Mandala to bring forth Original Perfection

as it was intended to be by our Father-Mother God. 

Beloved, for the first time we have the privilege and honor to present the

Coronation both Streaming and Live.

We invite you to come to the White Eagle Lodge physically

to celebrate the 70 years of Ascended Master Saint Germain's reign.

The Ceremony starts at 6:00 PM US Central.

Please be on time should you choose to attend physically.

(No Entry After 6:00 PM US Central)

The Ceremony will be held at:

White Eagle Lodge

2625 St Beulah Chapel Rd

Montgomery, TX. 77316

For those who choose to be part of the Coronation and yet cannot

attend physically, you may listen to the broadcast of the Ceremony on

May 1 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Midnight CT

Please click below to download the Reenactment Ceremony


The Password for the Coronation:         GA2024 

 (The Password will not be effective until May 1 )

Click Here and enter the Password.

Thank You and Blessings for your participation!

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